CP-4 pallets gebruikt 9,10 11,01 incl. BTW
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CP-6 pallets gebruikt  

12,95 15,67 incl. BTW

Afmetingen: 780x1140x144mm


Afmetingen 78 × 114 × 14,4 cm

Soort pallet



1500 kg

Aantal beschikbaar:400

400 op voorraad

Aantal Korting(%) Prijs
1 - 99 12,95
100 - 199 2.32 % 12,65
200+ 5.41 % 12,25

Let op: gebruikte pallets kunnen gebruikssporen bevatten en licht beschadigd en/of vervuild zijn. De afmetingen van gebruikte pallets kunnen onderling verschillen en er worden dan ook niet altijd identieke pallets geleverd. Gebruikte pallets zijn natuurlijk wel  functioneel bruikbaar.

Used CP-6 pallets

CP pallets of the best quality and for low prices can be found here on our website Palletdeal.nl. The CP6 used chemical pallet is a popular pallet form for companies in all kinds of sectors. Originally, the CP pallet series mainly originated from the European chemical sector, hence the name: chemical pallet. The pallet is specially designed to transport different types of hazardous and less hazardous chemical products across Europe and to standardize this process. Actually, the CP series is very similar to Euro pallets : just like these, the pallets are interchangeable, which made the process of transportation and transportation much easier.

Of course, a chemical pallet is of a different shape and size than the typical Euro pallet. These forms are specially designed to transport specific products within the chemical industry. Transporting a big bag or a set of fuel or oil barrels. The CP6 used is one of nine chemical pallet shapes designed for the petroleum and chemical industries. In our webshop we sell all types of chemical pallets that are now used in all sectors for different purposes. Our pallet factory in Den Ham also makes new pallets and we always have tens of thousands of pallets in stock.

Why buy used CP6 pallets?
Of course, used wood pallets are generally much cheaper than brand new pallets. That, while there is not really a difference except for a number of traces of use. After all, before we resell the used block and beam pallets, we carefully check them for splinters and nails that bulge out. The CP6 used has the standard dimensions of 78 x 114 centimeters. The height is also standard 14.4 centimeters. The pallet can carry up to 1500 kilos.

Another big advantage of the CP6 is that it is a block pallet. Thanks to the blocks – and therefore no crossbeams – it is possible to insert the forks of the forklift under the cargo on all four sides. It is possible to lift the load by hand using a pump truck on both ends. The chemical pallet is suitable for the transport of stackable goods. Order today for lunch and receive your order tomorrow. We take care of the transport costs if you spend more than 650 euros.



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